Using Simulink and Matlab


Here are some video tutorials on how to use parts of Matlab and Simulink

Accessing Matlab Remotely

If you are a student in the College of Engineering & Engineering technology, you can run Matlab remotely by going to this site: When you are in the engineering building, you should run Matlab from the computers in EB 125. Note: You must be a registered NIU student to log in to the NIU Citrix server. For more information on AnywhereApps visit here.

Simple Simulink Model

Here is a tutorial for creating a Simulink model of a simple mechanical system.

In this continuation of the tutorial, we actually run the thing and then put in the forcing term.

Creating Professional Plots of Simulink Data in Matlab

Want to know how to make professional-quality plots of your Simulink data. In the tutorial below we make plots of data generated by the Simulink model in the tutorial above.