Rigid Body Dynamics Problems


Here we work through some rigid body dynamics problems

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The Pulley/Spool

Here is a relatively simple problem to get you started with planar rigid body dynamics.


A PDF form of the solution is provided here. The solution in video form is below.

Swinging Plate (Conceptual Understanding)

Here is a problem where I do NOT want you to work through all the details of finding the pin forces. You should be able to draw the FBD and MAD and then be able to answer the question by thinking of the consequences of the equations of motion.


Answers and explanations are provided in the video below.

Plate Swing (Analysis)

Now it’s time to determine the actual pin force in the problem above.


You can see the solution in PDF form,
or via video:

Going Bowling

Another good rigid body dynamics problem.


Here is the solution.