Lift World


liftPicPrerequisites: Drop (Trainee)
Levels: Rookie, Wily, Crony, Smarty.

After latching onto a buoyant canopy, the falling spuCraft slows down, turns around, and then starts heading upward again. Before it gets too high, the spuCraft must latch onto a payload, and take it for a ride.

Latching onto the payload, though is tricky. Conditions must be exactly right. This calls for a clever strategy and a means of specifying the platform height with mathematical precision.

Table of Links

Reference Sheets

Here are reference sheets from the SpuPilot. Click to enlarge.

Spec sheet 1 for Lift world. Spec sheet 2 for Lift world. Spec sheet 3 for Lift world  Spec sheet 4 for Lift world. Spec sheet 5 for Lift world Spec sheet 6 for Lift world Spec sheet 7 for Lift world

Video: Lift Overview

This short video provides a quick introduction to the Lift challenge.

Video: Lift Analysis

To beat the Lift challenge, you are going to have to solve a few dynamics problems. This video provides an overview of the SpuPilot interface for Lift.

Video: Custom Pilot Functions

Some of the equations in the Lift challenge might get a little big. To help, you may use custom pilot functions. The video shows you how to do it.

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