Feb 232013

The latching condition is quite sensitive. Although it may appear that the payload is in the right place at the right time, it needs to be almost exact for the latch to occur.

The thing to note here is that when you tell the platform to go to a specific height, it doesn’t get there instantaneously. It takes a little time. Also, it takes a little time to come to a complete stop. To ensure that you have plenty of time to get the platform to the right place and bring it to a complete stop, I suggest the following things to avoid:

  • Do not turn on your input script before the spuCraft passes the light gate. If you turn on your input script before the gate, then platform placement is based on bad information. Then, when the spuCraft does ¬†pass through the gate, the platform hast to travel a long distance to get to the right place. Under those circumstances, it doesn’t get there in time.
  • Do not wait to long, after passing the light gate, to turn on your script. Again, the platform might not reach its destination and come to a complete stop in time.

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