Review of Calculus Principles


In order to understand dynamics, you are going to have to understand basic principles of integral and derivative calculus. For this reason, I have posted some notes on derivatives and integrals. When you understand the principles, you should be able to complete the practice problems I have included.

Reference Material

PDF logo. Links to calculus review notes.This document discusses how to think about the derivative and integral, based on the definitions of the operations.

I have created video versions of parts of the calculus review in case you prefer to listen/watch the material, rather than read: Definition of Derivative; Check Your Understanding of Derivative; Check Your Understanding of Integral.

Practice Problems

To help you understand differentiation and integration at a level that will help you understand dynamics, you should try answering these four practice problems.

Answers to Practice Problems

After you work out the practice problems you should check your answers. I have answers posted in two formats below. The PDFs are there if you want a quick look at the answers. I have also posted videos in case you want to hear my explanation.

Video for Problem A:

Video for Problem B:

Video for Problem C:

Video for Problem D: