cdsPilot API and Reference


Stuff You Need

To interact with Spumone, you will need a recent (2010 or newer) Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler. I use Visual C++ 2010 Express in order to remain compatible with the College of Engineering computers. You will probably want to use the latest version. More information can be found on the installation page.

Video Introduction to Programming Spumone

I am assuming that you have some programming experience, but I do not expect you to necessarily have much expertise. You should know how to construct¬†if statements, call functions, and perform basic mathematical operations. The video below provides a simple introduction to programming with the Spumone interface. If you used Spumone in your computational methods course, there’s probably nothing new for you here. For the rest of you, this might be worth a look.

cdsPilot API

pdflogoHere is the Application Programming Interface (API) for cdsPilot. It lists (almost) all the functions you would want or need to use while controlling your spuCraft.