Zig Challenge


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Video: Zig Challenge – Part A

This video (22:22 min) provides an introduction to the Zig Challenge. In it, we propose a control algorithm to solve the problem. However, we find that it does not work as well as we hoped. It sets the stage for our exploration in Part B.

Diagram of SpuCraft in the Zig World

bluePrintZigHere is the spuCraft that you will pilot in the Zig World. You can click on it to get a bigger view. The diagram labels the thrusters and specifies the thruster signal ranges.

Video: Zig Challenge – Part B

Our proposed control algorithm in Part A didn’t work so well. It produced oscillations that refused to die out. In this video we’ll take a break from the mathematics and collect data on what the human brain does, subconsciously, when it tries to damp out oscillations. Later, we will learn from this to design elegant control algorithms that kill the oscillations.

Check out plots of students’ Zig data here.

Zig Theory

Follow this link to see the mathematics which explains why the intuitive controller works mathematically.