Quizzes – Dynamic Systems & Control


If you are enrolled in MEE 322 at NIU, here is where you access quizzes that assess your understanding of concepts and assignments. To take a quiz, you will need to be logged in to this website.

Foundational Quizzes

In order to receive a passing grade in MEE 322, you must achieve a perfect score on all foundational quizzes. The quizzes test your practical knowledge of solving simple differential equations. To prepare for the quizzes, I suggest that you read “A Practical Review of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations“.

ODE Quiz A.  Prerequisite: None
This quiz tests your understanding of Chapter 1.

ODE Quiz B.   Prerequisite: ODE Quiz A
Find the value of the solution’s exponent. Chapter 2.

ODE Quiz C.  Prerequisite: ODE Quiz B
Connect a differential equation to a plot of its solution. Chapter 2.

ODE Quiz D. Prerequisite: ODE Quiz C
Understanding relative rates. Chapter 2.

ODE Quiz E. Prerequisite: ODE Quiz D
Quantitative prediction of rates of growth and decay. Chapter 2.

More quizzes to come.