Projectile Dynamics


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Target Practice

One classical type of dynamics problem is that of a projectile.

picture showing canonical projectile problem in dynamics

A video solutions is provided below.

In Part B of the solution, we investigate the meaning of the mathematical answer.

The Trajectory is Parabolic!

Here we show that the trajectory of a projectile, being pulled down to Earth by gravity, has the shape of a parabola. This fact might help, a lot, in the Espoo Challenge.

Jumping Off a Cliff

Suppose you want to jump off a cliff and land in the water. The problem is that the water is rather far away.

Let’s suppose that the cliff is a height \(h\) and the water is a distance \(d\) from the bottom of a vertical cliff. How fast does one need to run off the cliff \(v_0\) in order to clear the beach and make it into the water?