Programming: Full Speed Ahead


We learn how to program our robot by watching a series of videos:

  • Part A. We start by launching the programming environment.
  • Part B. Now that the workspace is ready, you can start building the program.
  • Part C. Download the program to your robot so that you can run it and see how it works. Some observations to make: 1. What happens when you run the program? 2. Which motor spins? 3. Is this the desired behavior?
  • Part D. Control the other motor too.
  • Part E. Learn how to get the robot to stop correctly. Why did the robot not stop at the right place before?
  • Part F. Now make your robot go backward.
  • Part G. Placing behaviors one after another lets you do them in order.
  • Part H. Some sensors should be reset between behabiors for best results. Why did the rotation sensor need to be reset?