Jan 262015

I suspect that most of you who will be using your own computers will be installing Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop. If this describes you, you should be aware that for VS2013, there are a few extra hoops that you will need to jump through to get Spumone fully functional on your computer.” The steps are outlined below.

  1. First, you should install VS2013 (it takes a long time to download) and Spumone. Instructions for the latter are here. When you run Spumone, it should work. You should be able to launch VS2013 without any problem too.
  2. Normally, when I open up the code for the cdsPilot, I go to the folder cdsPilotS15, and double-click on the solution file: cdsPilotS15.sln. However if you try this, you will find that your system does not recognize the solution file that I gave you as being associated with VS2013…. because it isn’t. The first time you open up the cdsPilot, you should do it differently. You should launch Visual Studio from the list of programs (or “apps”). Then, once VS2013 is running, you should open the solution file (cdsPilotS15.sln) via the File > Open menu at the top of the screen.
  3. When you open up the solution file, VS2013 will complain about out of date libraries, and it will ask you if you want to “upgrade compilers and libraries.” You need to do this, so click “Yes”, “OK”, or whatever indicates you agree to the upgrade.
  4. Once the previous step is complete, you should be able to look at your code. The stuff that you will be writing will be in the file called myPilot.cpp.
  5. When you are finished looking at the code (or modifying it), you should be ready to compile it. You can try it now if you wish. However, it will result in a link error and crap out. To avoid or get rid of the error, you need to delete some library files.  You will find the library files in the “lib” folder which is inside the “spumone322” folder. Delete all the files inside the “lib” folder.
  6. Now you can compile. Go to the “Build” menu at the top of the screen, and then select “Build Solution”. When it’s finished, it should indicate success at the bottom of the output window. After this initial build, it should not be necessary to delete the lib files any more.

Please post a question on Piazza if it is not working for you.


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