Feb 272013

I purposely hid that information from you. And if you look at the value of y when the spuCraft is near the bridge, you’ll see that I really went out of my way to hide that information from you.

I don’t want you to use the bridge height… so you can’t. And you don’t need it.

Think about the Lift challenge. In Lift, Pokey starts from rest then falls because of gravity. Then, a short time into the fall, it gets a net constant upward force, which slows down the descent and eventually turns the spuCraft around. To solve that problem, you did not need to know the initial height of Pokey. You could use the height and velocity of the spuCraft at some point along the way. Right?

If you think about it, the trajectory of the spuCraft in FreeFall is very similar. Just like lift, I’m not giving you the initial height of the spuCraft. I am giving you the (current) height and velocity of the spuCraft at all points along its trajectory, after it has moved a certain distance from the bridge.

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