Apr 112014

Update: Through a painstaking update to the Espoo internals, this problem has been essentially eliminated. Ignore the comments below.

When you’re holding button 6 (or RB), Pokey should release automatically when the parabola passes through the cross hair. The problem is the at it is not perfectly precise. This is due to details on how a digital computer simulates physical systems.

However it possible to account for the imprecision. You may notice that the auto release always releases the projectile just a little bit late. If you account for this lateness in your aim, then you might be more successful.

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May 222013

Over the summer, I’m making a whole lot of changes to Spumone. The first target is the SpuPilot. The following is a list of changes to the pilot

  • Switches and triggers will be combined into one entity.  It will make programming easier, hopefully. Players will not need to know ahead of time whether to use a switch or trigger. They can start off with a switch and then add trigger capability to the switch.
  • The SpuPilot will visually indicate whether scripts have been deployed.
  • The SpuPilot, itselft, will check for parse errors, and provide feedback without having to run Spumone and look through a log file.
  • The SpuPilot will provide a mechanism for looking back through previous scripts and reload/redeploy them.
  • After loading one world, you will be able to switch into a different world, without having to restart Spumone.