Feb 072013

The switch provides a mechanism to switch to a different input script. However, when programming your switch, you have the option of setting an “automatic switching condition.” Whether or not you should use an automatic switch depends on the specific application. Here’s how they work:

  • If the automatic switching condition is not set, then the script gets switched immediately when the specified button is pressed.
  • If the automatic switching condition is “on,” then pressing the specified button only “arms” the switch. The script does not gets switched until the mathematical rule written in the box is satisfied. When the condition is satisfied, the switch gets triggered automatically.

So, in general, you will need an automatic switch when you need a script to be executed at a precise instant. If you can tolerate a reasonable amount of human error in determining when the switch gets activated, it’s usually easier to leave the automatic switching condition off (not “on”).

As you approach any of the belts in the Drop world, my guess is that timing is probably critical. After passing a belt, you might want an imprecise switch to easily return back to the default manual script.

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